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Yearbook | Short Film | Unit Stills Photographer
Perdu | Episodic | Unit Stills Photographer
Echoes | Short Film | Unit Stills Photographer
The Painter | Short Film | Unit Stills Photographer
The Light Within | Short Film | Unit Stills Photographer
Mad Cows From Planet Moo | Short Film | Stills Photographer
Busking | Short Film | Unit Stills Photographer
Regatta Great Outdoors | Commercial | Stills Photographer
Hunt Saboteur Documentary | Unit Stills Photographer
Shell Beach | Short Film | Unit Stills Photographer

Hi, I'm Daniel

Daniel Geesen

Dia dhuit! I’m Daniel and for the better part of the last 20 years I’ve had my face behind a camera…

But it was in front of a lens, lying in a muddy field in Wicklow encircled by stomping hooves and clashing weapons, that I heard my calling. “No one is getting this angle, I’m the only one that will ever see this” I thought.

That was on “Vikings” in my green days on set. I soon learned that Unit Stills Photographer is a real job. Not “a” job, “The” job. The one job that perfectly aligns my passions for photography and filmmaking.

Since then I’ve had the privilege to work background on many of the biggest film sets in Ireland for Netflix, HBO, Apple TV+, and Paramount+, where I learned setiquette and the ways of large productions. I’ve been equally privileged to shoot stills on some of the smallest.


My Bio

Originally from Missoula, Montana, I immigrated to Ireland in 2008.

Studying art in Montana I learned important things; 1.) I’m not naturally skilled in traditional mediums, 2.) A good artist can paint a scene well enough for the viewer to see what the artist had seen, but a great artist will paint in such a way that the viewer will feel what the artist had felt.

Taking on board the first, I adopted photography as my chosen medium. Taking on board the second, I strive to apply that goal today to my on-set photography.

Photography evolved from hobby to career and then I had that “aha moment” mentioned above.

All those years I hadn’t realised Unit Stills Photography was a thing but it’s as if I’d always been preparing for it: Befriending available light, capturing authentic moments, diplomacy, being invisible to those around me, only owning black clothes, etc…


Highlights from Daniel

One of my highlights from the past year has to be scooping “Best Cinematic Image” at the 17th Waterford International Film Festival in 2023 for one of my stills captured on set for “The Light Within”. Now not only is the image used as the poster to promote the film, it is also being widely used to promote the film festival.

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