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Photographers in the United Kingdom specialising in film stills photography, shooting unit stills and behind the scenes images for features, shorts, TV series and movie poster shoots.

Tony Timmington
Catherine Frawley
Emma Barrott
Robert Wilson
Juan de Leon-Padmore
Khuram Qadeer Mirza
Dan Ollerhead
Kayleigh Tipton
Mark Tipping
Adam Kustura
Sonja Blietschau
Benedict Stenning
Robin Morgan
Hamish Jordan Photography
Jon Cardwell
Simon Tang
Ruth Teague
Katharine Hill
Emmanuella Maeba
Patrick Baldwin
Thomas Geoffroy
Nicola Young
Daniella Sasaki
Jeremy Pelzer
Diana Patient
Maxine Howells
Emmanuella Maeba Photography
Igor Emmerich
Augustin Hardy
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The Film Stills Directory is the only specialist collection of film stills photographers in the United Kingdom specialising in unit stills and behind the scenes photography for features, shorts, TV and gallery poster shoots across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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