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Photographers in the United Kingdom specialising in film stills photography, shooting unit stills and behind the scenes images for features, shorts, TV series and movie poster shoots.

Hansof Waller

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Devin de Vil
Stefania Rosini

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David Gennard
Neil Buchan Grant
Jack Merriman Photography
Ruth Teague
Anastasia Arsentyeva
Sanne Gault
Dan Ollerhead
Diana Patient

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Xander Kabat Photography
John-Christian Jacques
James Loxley

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Patrick Baldwin

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Mark Pengelly
Jeremy Pelzer

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Simon Tang

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Sonja Blietschau

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Luke Ross
Khuram Qadeer Mirza

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Jed Knight
Laura Palmer

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Samuel Dore
Julia Laird

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Daniella Sasaki
Matt Towers
Kayleigh Anne Photography
Katharine Hill
Maxine Howells

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The Film Stills Directory is the only specialist collection of film stills photographers in the United Kingdom specialising in unit stills and behind the scenes photography for features, shorts, TV and gallery poster shoots across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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