About the Unit Stills Directory

Unit stills photographers, who know what they're doing and can operate on a busy and complex film set, capture those crucial story moments that are often the first image that is seen of a production.

It's a tricky, exciting and rewarding job.

Here at the Unit Stills Directory we aim to:

  • Showcase stills photographers to the industry so that they can create eye-catching imagery for productions at all levels to publicise their content in the best way possible.
  • Raise the profile of unit stills photography as a whole, and celebrate the craft of the photographers who create incredible images on set.
  • Educate emerging filmmakers of the importance of having a photographer on set who knows what they are doing. 
  • Have a broad international platform for photographers to meet, share work, share stories and have open dialogue between each other. 
  • Support photographers at all levels of the industry so that standards remain high, even those who are starting out. 
  • Show the work of both established and emerging photographers.

We are excited about supporting photographers and productions to make world-class imagery together!!

Reach out for a chat.

Nicola Dove

Film Stills Photographer

Founder of Unit Stills Directory

ND crew on Bond set Scotland