Stunning work and lovely human

Anastasia joined our crew as unit stills photographer, this was Mango Skin, an NFTS graduation short that I wrote and directed. We also needed her to take analogue photographs of the scenes as grading reference and for posters, and the results of her labour just left me speechless. She blended in with everyone most effortlessly, even helping with things she was never needed to help with. She’d stay on with the crew beyond wrap times to assist and all in all made our humble production so much more meaningful and beautiful. She was incredibly generous with her time and effort and went so out of her way to do the work she did. The photographs all came out beautiful, the behind the scenes as well as poster shots and she also edited and delivered them very quickly and as promised. I could not have asked for a better person to document this very special experience and everyone on set absolutely admired Ana, she won us over with the click of button. I know for a fact that she will be my official unit stills photographer for whichever projects I do in the future and I could not recommend or thank her enough!

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