Cassie Fuertez is the future of still photography

Cassie is in an incredible photographer. She took the best behind the scenes photos I have ever seen in my life. Every shot that she shared with my team and I was breathtaking – although that might be an understatement. She somehow managed to capture beautiful human moments in what could only be described as a whirlwind of a project. I can go on and on, but I believe her work speaks for itself.

What makes Cassie extra special is her personality. There is no doubt that she snaps excellent pictures, but there is a vibrance and a warmth to Cassie that you do not find everyday. She made a point to introduce herself to the entire cast and crew. From there on out, she interacted with everybody like they were family. She was kind, quiet, and respectful of the shoot, but she also took advantage of every moment that she could. During down time, she would ask a producer if she could steal an actor or two to snag a few stills – all of which turned out great.

I am sure she is on her way to bigger and better things, but I would be incredibly lucky to work with Cassie again in the future.

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