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The Stronger - Clare Higgins & Fiona O'Shaughnessy
One Careful Owner - Dexter Fletcher & Denise Van Outen
The Death of Pentheus - Film Installation by Philip Haas
The Odds - Mark Strong & Ian McDiarmid. Dir: Paloma Baeza
Chasing Cotards - Andrew Scott & Olivia Grant. Dir: Ed Dark
Endeavour (TV Series)

Hi, I'm Benedict

Benedict Stenning

Starting in the film industry at the age of 17 as a runner, followed by roles as an Assistant Director on major productions for around a decade, provided me with valuable knowledge working within a film crew and on-set etiquette.
Passionate about cinema, photography and storytelling, there’s now nothing I enjoy more than merging these loves by capturing film stills for productions of various scales.
Building relationships and rapport with the crew and cast is something I cherish, as it allows me to capture the essence of the incredible characters they embody in still images. Additionally, I find great joy in shooting beautiful behind-the-scenes moments that capture the magic of moviemaking.


My Bio

Benedict, a UK and France based photographer, began his journey in the film industry as an assistant director before delving into graphic design and documentary photography. With a background in prime time dramas and films, he seamlessly transitioned into capturing unit stills, blending his love for photography with his on-set experience. Benedict’s multifaceted career has equipped him with the ability to navigate various productions, from studio shoots to on-location action, all while respecting cast and crew boundaries and the importantly, the director’s vision. With a passion for visual arts cultivated since childhood, Benedict’s expertise lies in capturing the essence of film sets, ensuring that each production’s unique moments are preserved for compelling marketing campaigns and production posterity. As a dedicated photographer, he brings professionalism and a deep understanding of set dynamics to every shoot, guaranteeing that your production stills are skillfully crafted and handled with care.

The Odds

Highlights from Benedict

* Back when I was a young runner working on a Jim Henson production with Matthew Modine, I went and knocked on Matthews trailer door to ask if he’s had breakfast yet and he said “No man, have YOU had breakfast?” I replied that I hadn’t so he invited me in and made me the most delicious pancakes with maple syrup while we talked politics, movies and his time working on Full Metal Jacket with Kubrick. A beautiful moment I’ll never forget.

* At the BFI IMAX premier for Chasing Cotards for which I’d shot stills, Andrew Scott came up and gave me a huge hug whilst I was holding a glass of Champagne. It caught me so off guard and balance that I ended up tipping the contents down the back of his beautiful pink blazer. Thankfully he was super cool about it!

* Every shoot I’ve ever been on is a highlight to be honest.

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