The missing piece to “Bits & Pieces”

I hired Kayleigh back around the time I was gearing up to shoot my first feature, “Bits & Pieces”. In fact, Kayleigh was one of the first crew members I hired. She was looking for experience and I had taken a look at her portfolio, and I loved her enthusiasm so much that I hired her almost immediately. That was one of the first great decisions I made because no one could have captured the memories on set as great as Kayleigh did. Film behind the scenes can tell just about as interesting a story as a film does itself and Kayleigh knows exactly what to look for in the frame to tell that story. Anytime she was on call to set she was there on time, she was prepared, very professional, but above all courteous. Kayleigh is a mother; needless to say, she fit into our little film family we made that summer quite nicely. Our cast and crew all loved her and we were very sad when she came in on her last day. Every time she was on set it was always a delight because I could tell she enjoyed being there to shoot photos as much as I did shooting the film. That’s who you want to work with, someone who’s as passionate and enthusiastic for their work as she is, and the photos she took in the time she was with us just bring me back to set every time. Whenever I need a film photographer for any project I’m working on next, I’m reaching out to Kayleigh first, she is always welcome on our set.

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