Stealthy, professional, passionate, dedicated!

What does one want from a unit stills photographer? You want someone who will capture great BTS, great stills… without being noticed, and I can say that Adam is perfect at this. He earned himself the nickname ‘ninja’ on set.

He has an acute awareness of the needs of production (timeliness, quiet on set, minimal disruption) whilst having a great eye for capturing moments of productivity. He will know exactly when to wedge himself under a table to grab the perfect action shot, and when to pose actors for stills in between setups. He is respectful, generous, and kind! His personal presence as well is one that puts talent and crew at ease. I’ve worked with other unit stills photographers before and he doesn’t just follow the director, or the leads — his work on my 4-day shoot highlighted each of the crew in their element, each of the actor’s key performances and we came away with a treasure trove of incredible stills and BTS — all with a very fast turnaround.

Adam also shot our rehearsal period before the shoot which meant he was familiar with the narrative and came prepared knowing which moments to capture. It never felt like he was playing catchup. I can’t say enough how much trust and appreciation I have for Adam’s eye, his professionalism and his love for each project — he’s been my first choice for unit stills ever since!