Snap Sonja up for your next Project

To say I would recommend Sonja to the highest level would be an understatement. Having known and worked with her for nearly a decade, starting when I was just a camera operator and now as a producer, I’ve seen her growth from our humble beginnings in this industry. Hand on heart, I can say that while her skills have exponentially advanced, she has always remained grounded, embodying positivity and collaboration on any set. Diligent in preparation, she communicates effectively throughout production and becomes virtually invisible to her cast and crew, capturing the heart and soul of the film. When shooting behind-the-scenes stills, she naturally documents the essence of the work and identifies the most crucial moments for posterity. In her marketing stills, Sonja ensures the tone always matches the finished film, a testament to her meticulous attention to detail and collaboration with the DOPs and directors on set. Hiring Sonja means gaining a dedicated professional with a positive attitude and keen eye for detail, a true team player who supports every department. If she notices an oversight, she speaks up and is ready to assist as needed.