Sharp focus, Sharp Guy

Nick Royak – VP of Production

I was the one hiring our set photographer on the film and from the get go, Matt was my clear choice. From the first encounter he was enthusiastic, decisive, and clear in his communication. He worked hard to create a plan with me that fit both of our goals. Once he was on set he was a consummate professional, but perhaps more importantly he became an integrated part of our crew. The cast was very comfortable with his genuine and good natured attitude; he was able to adapt to match their personality and their work process. Matt became an important part of collecting some seriously effective media for our art and marketing materials.

His studio sessions with the cast were great because he was able to get a lot out of them but also covertly get what the producers needed. All of his set photos were inspiring, creative, and effective at capturing what was happening on camera. A lot of those pictures were valuable in conveying the progress of the movie to our studio heads. The BTS photos are human and endearing; they capture a lot of what the crew put into the film and will be a testament to them forever.

I’d recommend Matt for any set and for any situation. He’s a pro and his work is worth it. I can’t wait to work with him again.

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