Review from Producer of ‘Hanging On’ and ‘Warm’

Anastasia has worked on multiple short form productions with my company over the last couple of years from documentary to narrative fiction. She has shown a natural eye for capturing the mood of the script for production stills as well as an instinctive and beautiful portrayal of behind the scenes.

She has been passionate and reliable across all of our work together and each time has collaborated and communicated with both myself and the relative director, working to brief but also bringing her own creative flair to the role, keen to try new techniques. She has always committed wholeheartedly to each shoot to capture a broad scope of action, going above and beyond.

I believe Anastasia has the eye to become extremely successful in this role and know she has the natural talent to keep building on her experience. I would very much recommend her skills to other productions and would always have her in mind for my own shoots.

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