Jared Is My Go-To Photographer

I work as a producer (mainly for commercials – clients include New Balance, EA Sports, GymShark, FanDuel, etc.), and director for narrative work (I’ve written and directed a feature and numerous shorts). I’ve hired Jared as a photographer for commercials and narrative work and he’s done incredible work on all my sets. He’s our go-to photographer. He captures essential photos – shots we can use for BTS purposes, but also indelible moments of the talent that so often end up on posters and other marketing materials. He does all of this high level photography work while being unobtrusive to the director’s work to the point I often forget he’s even around. This invisible and gentle quality in a photographer is especially appreciated when it comes to his interactions with the talent who are so often still in character or getting ready for another take. As a crew member Jared is personable and the type of person who makes a crew stronger. Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

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