I LOVED the stills for Dark City

I LOVED the stills for Dark City – such a good range of shots, expressions and moods, a variety of tone and scope that offered me so many options. I’ve always prized good stills, they make my job both easier and more interesting, and – key art aside – good stills will elevate any campaign. It’s a tricky balance to communicate the world of the film, navigate the set and the personalities there, and still find time to seek out opportunities to capture beauty when you find it – a good unit photographer is highly prized for good reason. I particularly love photographers who will shoot empty sets, details, props, background elements and full-length shots of the cast – you would be amazed how often that doesn’t happen. But it was a joy to go through Geoff’s stills and so many ideas bloomed from them I could still be producing Dark City artwork to this day.

Jeremy Saunders, Key Art Designer