Dependable, Team Player with Evolving Skils

I met James on a random job in SF during COVID. I was doing media management. He was the COVID Safety Officer. As usual for me, our conversation eventually lead me to mention the feature film project I have been working on for forever. James showed interest so I told him I’d follow up down the line when we got the next round of shoots going. Most people never actually follow through. So, it’s always a welcome surprise when someone does.

Mr. Thornton, III first came on board in December of 2021 and has continued to be a part of the team whenever his busy schedule permits. He’s dependable, realistic with his time and a team player, understanding what it takes to get a job done…that projects aren’t all glitz and glam. He’s always friendly and eager to help. With every shoot he attends I see growth in him and his skillsets, especially his photography.

James has shot some beautiful unit stills and behind the scenes photos for Fight 4 Your Life that always get smiles and thanks. I wish he was on every shoot with me. But if he’s busy, and he usually is, that means he’s working and growing, which is what a dedicated and hard worker like him deserves.

Do yourself and your fellow production crew a favor. Hire this man!!!