Blown away by his amazing images

I am not going to lie. I am an amateur film maker. I am only learning. I posted a thing on facebook looking for actors and Xander contacts me about being my Unit Stills Photographer. I did not even know what this was but agreed to meet and talk. Immediately Xander filled me with confidence that he (at least) knew what needed to be done, so i said sure. On set, I did not even know he was there, in fact I though I got scammed, paid this guy and he did not even show.

THEN he shows me the images.. I was blown away! They where better then the cinematographer’s. Xander just knew what i wanted and more importantly what i needed. I can say it was his images that got me into the local film competition. I have used him on a couple of others and a studio poster shoot and will use him again. Highly Recommended.

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