A Magician At Work

Jessicas talent as a film stills photographer shines bright in the world of cinema. From the moment she joined the MARDVIEW Productions team for our short story “Two Knights” at the Maunsell Forts, her professionalism was unquestionable.

What truly distinguieses Jessica is her ability to navigate the set with a quiet, seamless grace, all while capturing its underlying magic. Her knack for recognising detail, for understanding how light and shadow can dramatically shape an image, is uncanny. She’s simply a storyteller, as well as an incredible photographer.

Her Images of the actors and crew were compelling, yet what simply blew us away was the grave detail she paid to the aging, silent structure of the Maunsell Forts, making them vital characters within the film, enhancing their beautiful history.

Jessicas work on Two Knights represents a remarkable blend of art and precision. Yes, It’s very clear that she has talent, but on top of this, she possesses a heartfelt passion and a profound ability to touch souls through her captivating images.