A display of excellence on and off set!

I decided to set myself a challenge to write/produce and film a short in a few days. The writing and planning process took 2 days, whilst the filming took 1!

However, the original plan was meant to be myself and an actor. After reaching out to people from an assistant director, additional actor, a cinematographer and so on it became a project much bigger than I anticipated.

I decided to ask Nicola if she would love to be apart of it despite the late notice, as it was a personal film challenge. She said yes with no hesitation, she liked the concept, punctual and meshed well with the atmosphere of the cast/crew.

Her professionalism set the bar on what a unit stills photographer could be, she engaged and kept hidden when capturing photos which led to everyone portrayed in their element.

When she edited the photos she had a very fast turnaround, receiving the images back in a matter of days all edited to exceptional quality with the grade.

She’d excelled on and off set, but regardless of her skillset she was an absolute joy to work with! Her commitment towards her craft, kindness and of course her skills makes her one to watch out for.

Exceptional! I know I will 100% have her on again for future projects, strongly recommend! 🙂