• Have an eye catching Banner Image!

    This will be the first large image that people see when they come to your profile, so make it eye catching. This is the ideal spot for a wide shot, something a bit more epic. But play around and see what feels right for you. Also, make sure the image is set at the recommended size settings.

  • Have a short snappy written introduction.

    This text will appear alongside your profile photo, and will be your first chance for people to get to know you and what you’re about. It doesn’t have to be long, as you have the Bio as well to go into more detail. We suggest mentioning why you do what you do, potentially even why you love it! Take a chance to mention any latest productions you’re proud of. Oh and please check spelling and grammar, as little typos can stop the flow of reading your text.

  • Your Profile Photo.

    As photographers we are renowned for not having many images of ourselves. I get it! Because film stills photography is about making connections with people, and about trust on set, it's important to get a great image of yourself that shows you in your best light. This photo will come up on the search results page (along with your Lead Image) so make it an appealing image that would make someone happy to chat with you.

  • Your Lead Image.

    This is the image that will display under your profile image on the search results. It's the first image viewers will see of your work, so you’ll want to make it something that will make them want to see more. It's best if it's simple and eye catching. Because this image only displays small (think a Netflix thumbnail) it can be a good idea to use either a mid shot, a closeup, or something that has amazing colours or dramatic light. Avoid wide shots where the elements are very small in the image. 

  • Your Bio.

    I know it's not easy writing about yourself, no one likes doing it!!  But, this is your chance to go into a bit more depth about who you are and what you’re about. So here’s what to avoid - long paragraphs about your education history, in fact long paragraphs about anything. Try to keep it short and easy to absorb. Think about getting across things you’re interested in, quirky facts about you, places you’ve been etc. This can help you stand out and makes it much more interesting to read.

  • Your Highlights section.

    This section is open for you to use in whatever way you like, but here are some ideas. You could point out your favourite actors, directors, films you’ve worked on and why. You could showcase that well known actor that you came across on a film, even if its a short film. You could highlight a favourite scene that you photographed. Or that time that you were lying on the beach to get the shot and got swamped by a wave (I hope your camera’s are okay!). Perhaps it's something funny that happened on set one day. You get the idea, have fun with it, and think about some of your best memories on set.

With all of these elements nailed, and with your fantastic selection of images in your portfolio your profile will be stunning!

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